Welcome to Tk20

The Certification Assessment System

Tk20 is an online assessment system that allows you to organize and upload relevant professional documents.  Faculty members will be able to score your assignments, evaluate your progress in accordance with state regulations, and document your readiness for certification.  It helps us ensure that you receive the necessary training to become certified in your field, and an excellent, well qualified professional.

In Tk20 you will upload representative assignments, professional documents, and other materials related to key program assessments including field experiences, student teaching, and clinical placements, are handled in the Tk20 assessment system.  Submitting documents and assignments in Tk20 is as simple as attaching a file to an email.

In addition, as long as your Tk20 account is active (10 years from purchase date), you have the option of creating an electronic presentation portfolio that may include documents, sample student projects, pictures, videos, etc.  This portfolio is completely customizable and can be personalized to your needs. In the past, students would prepare a binder of representative coursework they would bring with them to job interviews. Tk20 organizes this customized information into one convenient link that you can send to various potential employers, supervisors, or whomever.

Please note that all School of Education and certification students must purchase Tk20.  In many of your courses, your assignments will be submitted and graded by your instructors via Tk20. Therefore, to receive full credit for your courses, you need to use Tk20. We wish you great success in your studies.

Access to Tk20

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Obtaining a Tk20 Account

You can purchase a Tk20 account in one of two convenient locations: online at https://southernct.tk20.com or at the SCSU bookstore. Please note that you may use your financial aid to purchase a Tk20 account at the SCSU bookstore. 

To purchase your account online:
Log in here 
• Go to the link in the bottom left-handed corner:  "Click here to purchase or register your student account"
• Select the option:  "I need to purchase my Tk20 student account"
• Select a form of payment
• Fill out all required (*) information
• Click submit.

You will receive an email once your account has been activated (2-3 business days).
NOTE:  be sure to check spam/junk mail folders for activation email.

To purchase through the bookstore:
• Purchase a Tk20 Student Activation Kit at the bookstore.
• The kit contains a unique registration number.
• Go to https://southernct.tk20.com 
• Go to the link in the bottom left-hand corner:  "Click here to purchase or register your student account"
• Select the option:  "I need to register by Tk20 student account purchase made at the bookstore"
• Fill out required (*) information, including the 34 digit registration code found in your kit.
• Click submit.