Parking Information

Please note that, with the exception of the SAT and ACT, all testing takes place in Buley Library. The SAT and ACT take place in Engleman Hall. These two buildings are directly next to each other.

On Weekdays
On weekdays, campus visitors must park in the Wintergreen Garage. The address of the garage is 23 Wintergreen Ave., New Haven, CT 06515. Parking in this location is free and the testing center is a 5-minute walk away. Upon exiting the garage, follow the sidewalk to Hilton C. Buley Library. There are signs throughout campus that will point you in the right direction. Once you have entered the library, take the front elevator to the third floor and you will step out directly into the testing center entryway.

On Weekends
On weekends, campus parking is more flexible. Visitors may still park in the Wintergreen Garage, but may also park in Parking Lot 2 or Parking Lot 12. Parking Lot 2 is located directly next to the library at the intersection of Fitch Street and Pine Rock Avenue. Parking Lot 12 is located between the Lyman Center and the School of Business. Visitors should follow the sidewalk between these two buildings, which leads to both the library and Engleman Hall.