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Course Number Name Course Description Prerequisites
SWK 200 Introduction to Social Work This course addresses the social structures, policies, values, tensions, and collaborations associated with social work practice. Knowledge regarding the relationships between institutions, context, interactions, and activities of social workers will be presented for a range of practice settings. Particular attention will be paid to the tensions and competing interests between social services and social change. This course is required for social work majors and an elective for others who think they might be interested in a career in the helping professions. (3 credits). None
SWK 320 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I Application of a social systems framework to identify and understand the relationships between such variables as race, culture, ethnicity, sex, and class, and their impact on human behavior. Open to Social Work majors only.
SWK 321 Human Behavior and the Social Environment Ii Study of families, groups, communities, and organizations from social systems framework, and how they interact with variables such as race, culture, ethnicity, sex, and class. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 330 Social Welfare Institutions and Policies I Theoretical and philosophical foundations of the social work profession focusing on the social, cultural, political, economic, and historical factors of social welfare services in the United States. The community survey method is used in applying these concepts. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 350 Social Work Research Methods Introduction to the methods for conducting practice evaluation in social work. Written class projects based on agency practice are required. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 376 Methods of Intervention I Theories, principles, tasks, and skills of the generic helping process in social work practice. It introduces the student to the engagement, assessment, planning, intervention, and interviewing processes as applied to individuals and families. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 377 Methods of Intervention II Groups processes and structures; generic method applied to groups as client, target and action systems; professional teamwork; phases of group development and worker roles, tasks and direct/indirect interventions. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 378 Methods of Intervention III Analysis of methods and skills underlying generalist social work practice in larger settings, focusing on the organizations and communites. Emphasis is on the development of beginning competence in interventive methods with formal/informal organizations and communities. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 380 Children and Families in Child Welfare: A Practice Perspective Presents a family-focused, child-centered model for helping families at risk. Examines the complex interplay of policy and law as they affect practice and service delivery. Utilizes knowledge from ecological approaches, cultural competency, principles of family continuity, and the historic values of the social work profession. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 381 Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Practice with Adults Explores innovative community care approaches as well as emerging trends for working with persons with severe and prolonged mental disorders and substance abuse/addictions in the field of community mental health. Focuses on social work interventions using psychosocial rehabilitation approaches for individuals and families seeking services from public mental health agencies, emphasizing evidence-based best practices, and client-centered, recovery-oriented approaches. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 382 Gerontological Social Work Practice with Elders and Families Provides a theoretical understanding of growing older, including concepts related to social theories of aging, the biological and physiological context of aging, health status, social context of aging, including family and social supports, racial/ethnic aging, and societal context of aging, including social and health care policies. Focuses on specific skills of intervention for gerontological social work practice. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 390 Social Work Interviewing Skills A study of the communication skills used in the professional helping process. Focus is on the deliberate selection and application of interpersonal skills for relationship building, assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, and termination. Students practice and evaluate their skills using specific client/worker situations in order to develop a beginning competency level. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 430 Social Welfare Institutions and Policies II Study of social welfare policies and programs as a means to bring about social change. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 490 Field Practice: Seminar I The student assumes progressive reponsibility for professional practice and is expected to function at a higher level of professional competence and more autonomously. Concurrent with 16 hours of weekly field practice in a social agency. Open to Social Work Majors only.
SWK 491 Field Practice: Seminar II Concurrent with 16 hours of weekly field practice in the SWK 490 social agency. Social Work major and SWK 490.