Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation honors graduating LGBTQ+ students and acknowledges their achievements and contributions to the university community.

While the ceremony was already held, we would like to invite undergraduate and graduate students to contact us to receive lavender cords and a certificate as well as be recognized on this webpage. Students who would like to participate should email the SAGE Center at

2022 Southern Connecticut State University Graduates

Mariam Kutaladze

Bachelor's in Sociology: Criminology

Samuel Uhelsky
Bachelor's in Psychology

Aleeki Shortridge
Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies

Jurea Char-Von McIntosh 
Bachelor's in Social Work

Megan Alysa Latte
Bachelor's in Psychology

Haley Bates
Bachelor's in Business Administration

Sarah Cooney
Bachelor's in Social Work

Amber Grover
Master's in School Counseling

Caitlyn Kranich
Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Jennifer Marie Brilvitch
Bachelor's in Biology

Monae Perrier
Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies