Covid-19 FAQ

Spring 2021 

We know you have been eagerly awaiting further information about the Spring 2021 residential experience. While housing at SCSU will look somewhat different this fall, we are nonetheless committed to ensuring students receive a dynamic experience. We have actively prepared for students' return to campus by implementing safety precautions to protect the health of each student and the community at large. At the same time, we have intentionally restructured our programming options and residential spaces to provide students with the most enjoyable living experience possible and to ensure we uphold the University's academic and social mission.

What Residents Should Do:

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Wear masks in all public spaces
  • Maintain a minimum 6-foot social distance
  • Follow all posted signage
  • Use appropriate entrance/exit to your building. Certain card readers will be disabled.
  • Use only up or down stairwell to promote one-way traffic. When only one stairwell is available, please keep to the right.
  • Follow capacity recommendations for elevators and stand in the designated spaces to promote social distancing.
  • Abide by posted occupancy numbers for common areas, bathrooms, and computer labs
  • Use sanitizing supplies when needed. Sanitizers will be available throughout buildings and in shared spaces.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Abide by revised guest policies
  • Stay involved and connected through virtual programs, meetings, and one-on-one advising appointments with university staff members
  • Let us know how we can help. Residence Life staff are still here to serve you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

What Students and Families Should Know:

  • All students and live-in staff will be tested for COVID-19
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, the student will be encouraged to return home or moved to a quarantine space on campus until cleared by Student Health Services
  • Cleaning schedules will be increased across the residence halls and disinfecting products will be utilized. Bathrooms and common areas may occasionally be closed to allow for such increased cleaning.
  • Touch-free soap, paper towel, and sanitizer dispensers will be installed across the residence halls
  • Students will be provided with a reusable/washable face covering, personal hand sanitizer and touch tool
  • Plexiglass will be installed in points of contact like the residence hall front desks to keep you and our staff safe
  • Alternative programs and events will be held through virtual means and/or with advanced registration to cap the number of participants
  • Furniture has been rearranged in common spaces to promote social distancing. We appreciate students' cooperation in maintaining these furniture configurations.
  • SCSU and the Office of Residence Life will follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State of Connecticut, and the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities to adjust and add regulations and policies as needed
  • Dining will be take out only during move-in quarantine, click here for Information and hours of operation.


1. Have you reduced capacity in the residence halls?

We have intentionally reduced occupancy in the traditional residence halls for incoming freshmen in an effort to manage the student to shared bathroom ratio and support social distancing guidelines in the facilities.

2. Do students have to wear masks in the residence halls?

Yes – you’ll have to wear masks. Other than in your own assigned room, suite, or apartment, ANYWHERE you go on campus that is public – including the bathrooms down the hall – means that you must wear a mask. SCSU will be providing you each with one washable, reusable mask. You will need to bring your own supply of masks to wear while you’re washing that mask. (Maybe your masks are more comfortable, easier to breathe in, or have a great design on them, too!) Please know that by wearing your mask and washing your hands frequently, you limiting exposure to the virus – protecting not just yourself, but also all the others we live, work, and go to school with!

3. What measures will the university be taking regarding cleaning in the residence halls?

Sanitizing stations will be set up around campus, including throughout the residence halls, for hand sanitizing. We encourage students to make use of these stations and good handwashing as frequently as they can. Again – this and wearing masks are the two best tools available for keeping all of us safe!

Cleaning in the residence hall – as always, the SCSU Facilities staff has been and remains hard at work keeping surfaces clean. They will be focusing on our residence halls and classrooms, where there is the most risk of exposure. This means that public spaces may be temporarily closed down for additional cleaning throughout the day. Even with their increased presence and cleaning, the responsibilities for keeping rooms and apartments clean is, as always, the job of the students who live in that room/suite/apartment. For example, in addition to regular deep cleaning in private bathrooms, students should be wiping down their bathrooms after use (as will most of us in public bathrooms as well) along with doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces in the apartments. We will be providing cleaning products for rooms with private bathrooms and instructions for students on proper cleaning techniques.

4. Will on campus residents be able to have visitors?

No off-campus guests will be admitted. Unfortunately this means that immediate family members, significant others, etc. may not enter the residence hall beyond the main lobby. We encourage students to utilize exterior spaces, when necessary, to interact with non-residents. Please keep in mind, this virus transfers quickly when people are moving between sets of people. We want to be able to stay open, the best way to do that is to do everything in our power to make sure we aren’t allowing easy access to this contagion.

5. Are all residents required to get tested for Covid-19 before arrival? And what are the guidelines for testing?

Yes, all residents must be tested before arriving for move in. Health Service is working with the State of Connecticut to finalize a testing protocol for campus residents. It will most likely include the following:

  •  Before you move in, you’ll need to provide recent proof (within the 7 days prior to move-in) that you’ve tested negative for the COVID-19 virus.
  • All residents will be tested on arrival to the residence halls and will be quarantined for 7 days, students will be retested on day 5.
  •  There will be random weekly testing and occasionally some targeted testing for students and staff in the residence halls. 
  •  If you test positive you will be relocated to a quarantine space.
  •  Your roommates and/or anyone you have had close contact with may also be required to quarantine for a period of time if you become symptomatic or test positive.

6. Who will be tested for COVID in regards to random testing? 

  • At this time, residential students and athletes are required to have a COVID test before coming to campus. A percentage of residential students will be randomly tested each week. These tests must be completed on campus. When randomly selected, residential students will receive further information from the Covid-19 Coordinator. 
  • COVID-19 testing will be made available on campus for these specific populations. However, if any student has COVID-like symptoms, Student Health Services may determine that a test is recommended. In addition, any students who are asked to quarantine after coming into close contact with a confirmed COVID case will also be tested.

*Please note: A percentage of residential students will be randomly tested each week. These tests must be completed on campus. When randomly selected, residential students will receive further information from the Covid-19 Coordinator. Failure to complete your randomize testing will result in disciplinary action which may include dismissal from the residence halls with no refund.

7. What is residence life doing to promote social distancing?

Social distancing will be practiced as much as is humanly possible, and that will be throughout campus. What are some of the places you’ll find this happening?

  •  Elevators – elevators will have no more than 2 riders at a time. If there are already 2 people on the elevator, you’ll need to wait for the next one to arrive.
  •  Some hallways and stairwells will be marked directionally – meaning a stairwell may be an “up only” or “down only” stairwell, or that you can only walk in one direction in specific hallways. This is to assist with keeping people at a distance from and not passing by each other.
  •  Residence hall entrance doors may be designated as entrance or exit only, except in an emergency
  •  Occupancy will be reduced in lounge spaces to allow for social distancing.
  •  Common bathrooms will be restricted to a specific number of people allowed in the bathroom at a time. Additionally, some sinks may be closed off to facilitate social distancing.
  •  Programs – the programs put on by your RAs, RHA, and Hall Councils will try to be a good mix of in-person (observing social distancing limits and held in adequate spaces or outside), as well as virtual programs.
  •  Students should practice social distancing as much as possible in their rooms/suites/apartments. This could mean only one of you uses the kitchen at a time, or that no more than two of you should be in the living room at a time.
  •  Health and Safety inspections will still be done, but will have a new process. More about this will follow as we get closer to move-in.