Frequently Asked Questions - For Students

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Q: Is there someone I can speak with if I have questions regarding my course schedule and course modalities?

A: Any continuing student with questions about their schedule regarding modalities will be best served by connecting with their advisor (See Who is My Advisor?).


Q: Where can I access information about all of the academic changes for Spring 2021?

A: Students should refer to academic information available here.


Q: Will students have an opportunity to interact with faculty with so many online course modalities?

A: The many courses we offer are going to be in a variety of modalities.  Many are indeed online, but among those there are asynchronous and synchronous (the latter allows for more interaction in real time).  For many courses, even if asynchronous, the instructors are setting up separate "meeting" times for real time interactions.  And of course, aside from courses that will remain "on ground," many of our classes will be hybrid, offering opportunities for on ground as well as online teaching and learning.

Students should connect with their individual instructors to learn what opportunities for real-time interaction will be available. 


Q: Will students still be completing field work such as student teaching and internships?

A: Students should contact the individual(s) in the department in which the fieldwork is organized for specific information about fieldwork placements for the fall semester.


Q: Are there any designated places on campus where I can study and/or engage in my online classes while social distancing?

A: Yes, there is a variety of locations around campus for students to study and engage in learning. Most of the study spaces and computer labs that are typically used for these purposes will also be available, albeit at reduced capacities to allow for appropriate physical distancing. See where the study spaces are located.



Q: Is Admissions still offering tours to prospective students?

A: Yes



Q: I have an online synchronous class directly before an on-campus course: will computer labs be available and/or a quiet space that I can connect to Eduroam wifi?

A: Yes.

  • Computer labs will be open with appropriately socially distanced equipment.
  • The university is identifying quiet spaces in addition to existing lounges for students to engage in online synchronous courses while on campus.
  • Some university departments offer quiet study space which is reservable through SSC Navigate.


Q: What if I forget to bring a face covering to campus?

A: The university has designated places where students, faculty, and staff can acquire a disposable face covering. The Student Center Info Desk, Buley Library, and the Wintergreen building are among these locations.


Q: Are shuttle buses running on campus this semester?

A: The only shuttle services offered during the fall 2020 semester will be Union Station and the Lift-Equipped Shuttle.  All other services will be suspended until further notice.

Information Technology 


Q: What resources does the Help Desk have for students? 
A: Visit the Online Help Desk website to find a plethora of Help Desk resources to help you navigate your technology needs.


Q: What if I don’t have internet? 
A: There are various internet providers that are offering free or reduced internet to students and/or low income households: 


Q: What if I don’t have a computer? 

A: In some situations, students may qualify for a loaner computer/device from the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology (CEAT).  Please continue reporting your computing issues and needs to the Help Desk ( for tracking purposes.

A:  Any students who have basic needs that may impact their ability to be successful in the classroom should contact the Dean of Students office at The Dean of Students team will try to support you to the best of their ability.


Q: Many of the platforms that my instructors are using are new to me; where can I learn more on how to use Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and other platforms? 
A: For more information on how to use Southern’s various platforms, please check out our video tutorial library: You may want to explore the links below: 

Living on Campus


Q: Where can I access information about residence life policies and procedures for fall 2020?

A: For comprehensive information regarding living on campus, residential students should refer to communications from the Office of Residence Life and the residence life reopening website.


Q: Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 if I am living on campus?

A: Students must have documentation that they have had a RT-PCR COVID-19 test within 14 days of arrival on campus. This documentation must be submitted online before arrival on campus or in person on arrival. Arrangements will be made by the university for students who arrive on campus without the required testing documentation to be tested within 7 days of arrival on campus. These students will be asked to self-quarantine until they test negative for COVID-19.

You can read more about the testing requirements for residential students on page 3 of this document.


Q: Is there someone in Residence Life that I can speak with?

A: Yes.

  • Live Chat with a member of the Residence Life team, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Call the office of Residence Life, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday at (203)392-5870

Student Employment


Q: If I work in a campus office, do I need to wear a mask?

A: Masks must be worn in cubicle spaces and common spaces.  If in a single occupant office, a mask may be removed, but if someone enters said office, a mask must be worn during that interaction. 

Student Involvement


Q: Being involved on campus is how I feel connected; how can I stay engaged with the university community? 
A: University departments are exploring ways to create social and educational experiences in a variety of modalities for students to stay connected to the campus community. Stay connected with Southern social media and your university email for the latest updates. 

A: We will continue to send out the “This Week @ Southern” email to highlight various events that are being hosted by departments and student organizations.  Also visit for a list of events hosted by student organizations. 


Q: Where can I go to get the most up-to-date information, and get questions answered about being involved? 
A: Visit the Office of Student Involvement for updates and information. We are available for live chat through our website.

Student Wellbeing


Q: What if I am housing and/or food insecure or have some other barrier to my success as a student? 
A: Any students who are housing and/or food insecure or have other basic needs that may impact their ability to be successful in the classroom should contact the Dean of Students office at The Dean of Students team will try to support you to the best of their ability.