Reopening Information for Faculty

As COVID-19 conditions are regularly changing, health and safety directives and mitigation practices will be regularly updated on this site.

As we begin the spring 2022 semester, everyone (students, faculty and staff) must wear a mask in any campus building, including classroom spaces, that covers their mouth and nose. If a student is not able to wear a mask due to a documented disability or medical reason, the student must seek an accommodation from the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services prior to arriving on campus. 

Classroom Guidance

  • Students must arrive to class wearing a mask or face covering over their mouth and nose. If a student does not have a mask, the student must pick up a disposable mask (available in most campus offices) before joining the class session. 
  • If a student enters a class without wearing a mask, the student will be told by the faculty member that they must put one on. 
  • If a student refuses to put on a mask after being instructed to do so, the faculty member will request that the student leave the class and notify the Office of Student Conduct. 
  • If the student refuses to leave, the faculty member will excuse themselves from class and seek assistance from the Office of Student Conduct and/or University Police in accordance with the Disruptive Student Policy.

FAQs for Faculty

How will students who test positive for COVID attend classes since most are on-ground and are not in hyflex classrooms?

Faculty should treat absence due to COVID illness in the same way that they customarily treat other illness, as we will follow the same protocols for notification (without specific indication that the absence is due to COVID).  Faculty are encouraged to  implement measures that were found to be helpful during virtual learning, especially if a student misses a class (e.g. posting PowerPoint or other visuals used during class, sharing class notes, etc.).  Individual faculty members may also be amenable to a student taping the class to provide to the absentee. 

If a student is uncomfortable attending classes on ground will they be exempt from coming to campus?

No.  The vaccination requirement, mask mandate and distancing in classrooms are intended to create safe classroom experiences.  The state Department of Public Health has affirmed that our protocols create low risk of transmission and support our return to in-person learning.  We understand that a student may have to make individual decisions if they personally feel unsafe, which could include taking fewer classes or sitting out for the semester.  

Last year students were required to use wipes to wipe down computers, desks, tabletops in all classrooms when they came into class. Will that continue? Teachers were also supposed to wipe down their classroom keyboards and lecterns.

We do intend to make wipes and sanitizer available and encourage good hygiene practice.  However, surface contact is not believed to be a common form of transmission and as such we will not make cleaning a requirement. However,  students and faculty are encouraged to do whatever they need to  feel safer in a classroom setting

Will restrictions on eating and drinking in classrooms continue with mask restrictions?

Because we have a mask mandate, eating in class should be limited, as it requires a longer removal of masks.  Having something to drink to stay hydrated, especially during the heat in the beginning of the semester, will be allowed.  

Will there be designated locations for students to pick up masks on campus?

Masks will be available in common areas around campus.  A distribution plan will be available soon.

Are faculty and staff supposed to following all restrictions at in-person meetings?

Yes, the current health and safety protocols apply to all campus employees.

Are student clubs following health and safety protocols in the Adanti Student Center?

Students will follow all COVID protocols that are mandated at any point in time. Food will be available and  students will make individual decisions to eat to eat with their peers without masks at their tables (as in restaurants).  All food service staff will be masked.  Outdoor seating remains available on campus and grab and go food service is available in all of our food venues.

Will the university continue to test for COVID-19 in areas such as Residence Life and Athletics?

The University will test students who are unvaccinated (including those who receive a medical or non-medical waiver or are partially vaccinated).  If an employee vaccine mandate is introduced, unvaccinated employees will also participate in a testing protocol.

Will the university community be required to report positive cases of COVID?

Yes, we have continued to receive reports all summer and we will continue to communicate the expectation of doing so for the forseeable future.