COVID-19 Dashboard

The University’s COVID-19 Dashboard is updated regularly and provides cumulative and current data related to the prevalence of COVID-19 within our campus community.

For questions about reporting, please email the SCSU COVID-19 Coordinator (

Statewide Data Tracking and Resources

The state’s COVID-19 Data Tracker is updated regularly to share information on the rate of positive cases by town. A statewide overview of hospitalizations and other trends is available here.

Weekly Results:  

Weekly Surveillance Testing1 Totals Positive Positivity Rate
Residential Students      
Commuter Students      
Faculty and Staff      
Weekly Surveillance Totals      
Weekly Self-Report Testing2   Positive  
Residential Students      
Commuter Students      
Faculty and Staff      
Weekly Self-Report Totals      
Total Positive Tests      

Quarantine and Isolation

This category includes only those students who are self-isolating or quarantining on campus. Students who choose to return home for isolation/quarantining are not included in this data.

Quarantine - On-Campus  
Isolation - On-Campus  
Q & I beds Available   


Cumulative Test Results: August 23 - Present

Cumulative Surveillance Testing Totals Positive Positivity Rate
Residential Students - Surveillance      
Commuter Students - Surveillance      
Faculty and Staff - Surveillance      
Cumulative Self-Report Testing   Positive  
Residential Students - Self Report      
Commuter Students - Self Report      
Faculty and Staff - Self-Report      
Total Positive Tests      

1  Weekly Surveillance Testing - Surveillance testing includes weekly tests of all students, faculty,  and staff who are not vaccinated or have not provided their vaccination status
2 Self-Report Testing - All members of the community are required to submit positive test results received from testing conducted off campus


Resident Students  
Commuter Students  
Total Students  
Faculty and Staff  
Campus Vaccination Rate  

Note: Non-responses are counted in the non-vaccinated number.