Club Sports

Club Sports provides students with the opportunity to participate in competitions against other intercollegiate teams. Club sport teams are student run organizations that practice regularly, travel to compete and employ coaches to run practices and manage game rosters. Teams also organize fundraisers, participate in community service projects, and support their fellow club sport athletes.

Club Sport Teams


Competitive club sports belong to national governing bodies and compete as members of a league with an assigned schedule. These teams strive to win local, regional, and national competitions. Check them out on their OwlConnect page or on instagram.

Men’s Rugby - @scsu_mensrugby

Women’s Rugby - @scsu_womensrugby

Lacrosse - @scsu_mlax

Ice Hockey - @scsu_icehockey

Golf - @scsugolf

Ultimate Frisbee - @mightyhucks

Volleyball - @scsuclubvball

Esports - @scsu_esports 


Performance based club sports practice and perform at various levels. Teams choose to perform at athletic events, showcases, and enter regional and national tournaments. Check them out on their OwlConnect page or on instagram.

Steppin’ Up Drill Team - @steppinupdrillteam

Cheerleading - @scsucheer

Dance Team - @scsu_danceteam

Symphonic Pulse Dance Company - @spdc.scsu

Taekwondo - @scsuclubtkd

Joining a Club

What to Know Before Joining

  • All undergraduate SCSU students are welcome to join a club team. Students that are enrolled part-time must pay a student activity fee of $10 per semester to be eligible. They must also secure accident insurance through the University.
  • A GPA of 2.3 is required to remain in good academic standing. Recreation and Fitness offers a wide array of academic assistance programs in tandem with the Academic Success Center to ensure all students remain/return to good standing.
  • Joining a club sport team makes you an ambassador of SCSU both in competition and outside of it. It is important to represent the University with integrity and sportsmanship.
  • No prior athletic experience is required to join a club sport team. Recreation & Fitness works with each club to foster an environment of growth so all participants can reach their full potential.
  • While there are coaches and advisors for each club sport team, they are ultimately run by the students. Your voice and opinion matter.

How to Join a Team

  • Request to join via the specific team OwlConnect links above.
  • Connect with the team contact to learn more about how the team works, when they
  • The club executive board will send you a link to register and sign paperwork through our online athlete tracking system.

How to start a Club Sport

Below is a rough outline about starting a club sport.  We will guide you through this process and help as much as possible. All necessary forms can be found at Student Involvement and Leadership Development.

Initial Steps

  • Attend a new club workshop put on by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.
  • Meet with the Coordinator of Campus Recreation and Fitness.
  • Submit a new club proposal.
  • Submit a constitution.
  • Submit an advisor agreement form.
  • Hold a student interest meeting.

Final Steps

  • If necessary, revise proposal and/or constitution.
  • Official proposal submitted to the Student Government Association.
  • Receive an official recognition letter.
  • Obtain provisional status.

View the Club Sport Handbook on our OwlConnect Page