Public Health Advising

Every student is assigned an academic advisor when admitted to the program.  Students are notified of their advisor name and contact information in the initial offer letter.  Students are expected to meet with their advisors at least twice a year to discuss academic progress, degree requirements, and course selection for the following term.  There is no official advisement period, but students should meet with their advisors in the middle of fall term to plan for spring classes and in the middle of spring term to plan for summer and fall classes.  Students who do not meet with their advisors on a regular basis risk taking courses in the wrong order, missing important requirements, and potentially delaying graduation.  Ignorance of program changes or requirements does not constitute a valid reason for those requirements to be waived.

Helpful Hints When Contacting Advisors:

  1. Every faculty member has regular weekly office hours for meeting with students.  Try to meet during office hours if possible.

  2. Establish during initial contact your advisor’s preferred means for communicating (phone, email, in person).

  3. Ask your advisor’s preferred means for making appointments (online scheduler, by phone, by email).

  4. Faculty members are not usually available during university breaks, holidays, or weekends.      

  5. Some faculty members are available during the summer and others are not.  Be sure to ask your advisor about their summer hours.  

  6. When asking your advisor questions about course planning, always provide your:
    a.  Student ID number
    b.  Catalog year (year started the program)


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