Register for Classes

Current students may complete registration and bill payment online in the Banner Web student portal.


Register Online


  1. Select Banner Web

  2. Go to Student tab

  3. Click Registration

  4. Select the Term

  5. Click on Add/Drop/Withdrawal from Classes

  6. Enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) or use class search to enter classes on the worksheet 

  7. After all classes are added to the worksheet, click submit changes to complete registration

  8. Go to the Billing/Payment tab to view your charges and payment options


  • Check the current class schedule to see if a class requires a prerequisite before adding the course.  

  • Undergraduate students who would like to take graduate level courses, or who wish to register beyond the maximum number of credits allowed, must complete a Petition for Irregular Schedule.

Contact Us

Email, call 203-392-5301, or visit our office in the Wintergreen building for a quick response Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm.

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