Ed.D. Nursing Student Feedback

“The faculty have been wonderfully supportive.  I do love a challenge and this program is an enjoyable (yet challenging) one. We have a wonderful cohort and professors who are dedicated to our success.”

“The classes is this program are not easy, but I have gained a great deal from them. The standards are high, and the assignments are demanding. When I complete the courses, I feel proud and accomplished. I know when I finish this program I will have earned the degree and that is what I expect out of an education.”

“I do feel that a significant amount of thought and effort goes into the construction of all the assignments. Assignments stimulate thinking and require the student to explore material, and seek out other supporting resources before designing a response. The discussion board always offers challenging prompts that require study, and consideration before replying.”

“The most exciting part of this program is that I can apply what I are learning into my role as an academic nurse educator. We talk about a teaching strategy in a video conferences and the next day I try them out in the classroom usually with great success”

“My practice has already been affected by the knowledge learned in the courses I have taken."

"Overall, I found the classes very interesting and applicable to practice. One of the reasons I entered an Ed.D. program specific to nursing education was that it would enhance my practice and I do believe with the both courses I took this semester, it will do just that!”


“I found that the faculty were generous in dispensing their experience and knowledge, flexible and supportive of the adult student.  I always get the sense that they have walked in my shoes and understand the difficulties in multitasking work and academic journeys and I appreciate the respect they affords students in their ideas, perceptions and aspirations.”