Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program

A certification program is offered for registered nurses who already hold a master's degree in nursing. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) certificate program provides the opportunity for these nurses to gain additional specialization by a sequence of master-level courses (18-27 credits) that qualify candidates to take the Family Nurse Practitioner certification examination (ANCC and/or AANP). Consideration will be given to the transfer of core courses (advanced health assessment, advanced pathophysiology, and advanced pharmacology) that have been taken elsewhere.

The program requires 660 clinical hours at precepted clinical sites. Hours include practice in pediatrics, women's health, and internal medicine/family practice. The student and faculty work together to arrange appropriate sites for clinical practice to achieve the required clinical hours.No thesis or special project is required. All courses are offered fully online, one day per week on Tuesdays. The program can be completed in 1-2 years, depending on whether coursework for the “3 P’s” – Advanced Pathophysiology. Advanced Pharmacology. And Advanced Physical/Health Assessment – are transferred in from prior studies.

Candidates must comply with the School of Nursing requirements by providing and maintaining current health records, CPR certification, and active CT RN license. While students are encouraged to seek out their own placement for a variety of reasons, our clinical coordination office provides robust support to students during this process, helping students secure the high-quality variety of sites they need. 

Students should submit all application materials to the School of Graduate Studies. No GRE or MAT test is needed. See the School of Graduate Studies for additional admission requirements. 

Entrance Requirements:

  • MSN from accredited Nursing school
  • Current active, non-restricted RN License

Course of study

Course Title Credits
NUR521 Advanced Pathophysiology* 3
NUR524 Advanced Pharmacology* 3
NUR526 Advanced Health Assessment* 3
NUR534 Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner I 6
NUR535 Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner II 6
NUR536 Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner III 6


* These courses can be transferred in from prior studies, so long as they were taught at an NP-level. Requests for transfer of credits will be reviewed by the program director upon acceptance to the program.

For more information contact:
Phone: (203) 392-7240

For questions on plan of study, transfer credits, or program requirements for accepted students, please contact:
Dr. Andrea Adimando, MSN Program Director & Academic Advisor


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