The Applied Lessons Program

The Stutzman Family Foundation has generously given music majors and minors the ability to take private lesson instruction during the fall and spring semesters.  With Chairman approval, each student can take up to two private lesson courses per semester. Each course is .5 credits .  These lessons meet once per week between 45-50 minutes.  We offer an array of instrumental and voice training including, but not limited to, classical piano, jazz piano, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, drums, violin, viola, classical guitar, jazz guitar, and voice lessons. We also offer training in world traditional instruments.  This is free for our students and all are encouraged to participate in this amazing program.

Applied Lessons Instructors

Our Applied Lesson instructors are world-class leaders in their specialty. These talented professionals are recording artists, Grammy winners, and playwrights who will inspire, motivate and encourage you and push your talents to new heights. You will meet weekly for your personalized, individual private lesson during each semester.

To learn more about our distinguished instructors of the Applied Lessons Program, click on the links below:


Richard Green| Trumpet
Terrence Fay| Trombone


Istvan B'Racz | Piano
Rex Cadwallader | Jazz Piano
Irene Senedak | Piano
Eric Trudel | Piano


Rebecca Barko | Voice
Matt Cimino | Voice
Alta DeChamplain | Jazz


Anthony DeQuattro | Percussion


Richard Goldstein | Guitar
Henry Lugo | Guitar
James Martin | Guitar


Viara Sergueeva-Albonetti | Violin/Viola
Rebecca Patterson | Cello

Electronic Music

Istvan B'Racz | Electronic Music


Marta Boratgis | Oboe
Kenneth Nigro | Clarinet/Saxophone
Naomi Senzer | Flute
Sue Zoellner-Cross | Bassoon