Liberal Education Program - Tier 3

The Tier 3 capstone seminar integrates all three goal categories of the general education program: competencies, areas of knowledge and experience, and discussions of values.

Students may take a Tier 3 seminar after completing 6 Tier 2 courses.

Students may replace a Tier 3 course with the completion of a departmental honors thesis, HON 495. This option is available to all students, and not only those in the Honors College. If Tier 3 is restricted for the student’s major, the department chairperson can decide whether to allow HON 495 to replace the required departmental Tier 3 course.

Note: Students in the Honors College are required to fulfill the Tier 1 Quantitative Reasoning and Multilingual Communication requirements, along with any LEP areas that are restricted by their major. All other LEP requirements are met by the Honors College curriculum.