Liberal Education Program - Tier 2

Tier 2 courses cover different areas of knowledge that prepare students for active citizenry and serve as the basis for lifelong learning.

Only two requirements in Tier 2 may be fulfilled by courses in the same subject area.

All students must complete both Natural World I and II and are required to complete any 6 of the 7 remaining areas of knowledge. However, students are required to complete all Tier 2 areas that are restricted by their major. For example, if a student is in a major that restricts the Mind and Body requirement, he/she will see the following on the degree evaluation:

  • Natural World I
  • Natural World II
  • Mind and Body
  • Complete 5 of 6 of
    • American Experience
    • Creative Drive
    • Cultural Expressions
    • Global Awareness
    • Social Structure, Conflict and Consensus
    • Time and Place

Course Offerings:

To ensure students receive a first class education in an ever changing world, SCSU faculty regularly adapt the course offerings to provide cutting edge curriculum within each LEP required area. Students access the most up-to-date course offerings through one of the many advising resources or by meeting with a professional advisor. Prospective students can also receive advise by meeting with a member of our transfer student services team.

Tier 2 Study Abroad policy: All students who study abroad for the span of a semester or year shall have the opportunity to waive two of their successfully completed courses for Tier 2 requirements. Students, however, may not waive departmental degree requirements, unless authorized by the department, nor may they waive both of the Natural World science requirements through the study abroad policy.