Registration and Advising Information

Advising Information for Fall 2019

Read the Fall 2018 version of the LEP Advising Guide.

New policy starting Fall 2019:  All Tier 1 courses and 6 of the 8 Tier 2 courses must be completed before completing the Tier 3 capstone. 
In other words, students may take a Tier 3 course after completing 6 Tier 2 courses.  In addition, all Tier 1 courses must either be completed prior to taking a Tier 3 course or be taken concurrently with Tier 3.

Please take the following into consideration when planning coursework for Spring 2019 registration.
In Spring 2019, all Tier 3 courses will continue to have the current prerequisite that at least 6 of the 8 Tier 2 courses be completed prior to registering for Tier 3.  Spring and Summer 2019 will be the last time that all Tier 3 courses do not explicitly have a Tier 1 prerequisite.
In Fall 2019, in addition to the “6 of the 8 Tier 2 courses” prerequisite, the Tier 1 prerequisite will be implemented.  This can mean one of two things.

  • A student who has completed all of Tier 1 and 6 of 8 Tier 2 courses will be able to register for a Tier 3 course (assuming they meet all other departmental prerequisites for the course).
  • A student who has some outstanding Tier 1 requirements and who has completed 6 of 8 Tier 2 courses can register for a Tier 3 course, if they also register for the remaining Tier 1 courses at the same time. 

Students will need to plan for when their Tier 1 courses will be completed, depending on their placement into World Languages, Mathematics, and English.