Spring 2021 Course Options

As a reminder, during the Spring 2021 semester, students have a number of options and supports available. Please review the following options carefully and reach out to our team or your advisor with any questions.

The last day to withdraw from a course has been extended to May 9, 2021. After recommended consultation with your course instructor you can withdraw from a course in BannerWeb. You can access BannerWeb, go to Student Services, click Registration and select Spring 2021 term and click on Add/Drop/Withdraw from Classes. If you have a registration hold on your account, you can still withdraw from a course, however you will need to work with Student Accounts or the Registrar’s Office for assistance. Instructor permission is not required for this option, however you are encouraged to discuss this option with your instructor, as you may be eligible for alternative options, including an Incomplete (course extension) and/or the Pass/Fail option (see below for more on these options). As a reminder, a Withdrawal will not impact your GPA, nor will it change your full- or part-time status for the current semester. However, be sure to see the Other Considerations, also noted below.

You may be eligible for additional time to complete your coursework/obligations, beyond the end of the semester. Students are encouraged to work directly with their course instructor to determine whether they are eligible for an Incomplete in the course. If so, students must complete an Incomplete Contract with the course instructor, which will allow extended time to complete the course. Students may request an Incomplete from their course instructor up to the last day of the semester. Instructor permission is required for this option.

If you would like to explore the Pass/Fail option for one of your courses, you can review the Pass/Fail Options for Spring 2021 information. This semester, the Pass/Fail options may only be used for no more than one course. Be sure to review the Important Considerations and How to Request a Pass/Fail sections carefully. The deadline to request the Pass-Fail contract from your advisor is Friday, May 7, 2021. You’re encouraged to submit your request in advance of the deadline to ensure you have an opportunity to review this option with your advisor. Instructor permission is not required for this option, however you should discuss this option with your advisor to determine if it is the best option for you.

Each of the above options may have impacts beyond the course and course grade, including spring registration (for prerequisites) as well as impacts on your GPA, financial aid/scholarships, and/or veteran benefits. It is important to review guidelines for each option and determine the personal impact these options could have on you. If necessary, you should consult with the appropriate resource including Student Accounts, Financial Aid, etc.

You can find additional student support and resources available on our Student Resources page.