Fall 2020 Course Delivery Formats

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the University has established multiple course delivery formats for the Fall 2020 semester.

FOR CONTINUING AND TRANSFER STUDENTS: Your schedule HAS NOT been changed but the way your course instruction will be delivered may have changed. See below for more details.

FOR INCOMING FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS (FRESHMEN): For information and support regarding your Fall 2020 schedule, please refer to the "New Students" page on the Academic Advising website.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS: For the most accurate information on delivery of your Fall 2020 courses, be sure to review the course details on your schedule. For a tutorial on how to view this information, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

The professors for each of your courses will also be providing more information at the start of the semester.

  • Meets on-campus in-person.
  • Students are expected to attend class sessions on-campus as indicated on their schedules.
  • On-Campus courses may have a "HyFlex Option Available", see below for description.
  • EXAMPLE: Class meets ON-CAMPUS MWF 10:10am - 11:00am

Online - Synchronous
  • Course meets online/remotely live at the scheduled time via a video-conference platform.
  • Students expected to attend all remote class sessions.
  • EXAMPLE: Entire class meets ONLINE MW 2:00pm - 3:15pm


  • TOOLS USED: Video conferencing, live chat, shared whiteboard
Online - Asynchronous
  • Course content, assignments, discussions and activities take place via an online course platform (Blackboard 9).
  • Students are not expected to be available at a certain time each week.
  • Though much of the learning is self-paced, there is an expectation of weekly engagement in course content and assignments with deadlines.
  • EXAMPLE: Students engage in coursework in online platform throughout the week at their own pace


  • TOOLS USED: Blackboard 9, pre-recorded videos, discussion posts
  • Combination of on-campus and online course delivery formats.
  • Online portion of class could be mix of synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Days when students will need to attend on-campus class sessions will be indicated on their course schedules with more detail provided by their faculty at the start of the semester.
  • Students should pay special attention to notes in course details.
  • Hybrid courses may have a "HyFlex Option Available", see below for description.
  • EXAMPLE: There are a variety of ways hybrid courses will be offered. All will have some on-campus attendance expected. See student course schedule for details and more information will be provided by faculty at the start of the semester.


  • TOOLS USED: Mix of tools listed in Online Synchronous and Online Asynchronous
  • If a course is offered with a "Hyflex Option Available", students will be able to attend the course section on campus or join the course remotely (similar to online synchronous).
  • There will be limitations of the number of students who can attend the on campus session on any given day due to classroom size restriction.
  • Instructors will provide more details and guidelines related to on-campus course attendance.
  • EXAMPLE: Class meets ON-CAMPUS TR 1:50pm - 3:05pm, though students have the option to attend online - synchronously 


If you have questions regarding the delivery of any of your Fall 2020 courses, please read below to find out who to contact.

Incoming First-Year Students (Freshmen): If you are a new first-year student who will be starting in Fall 2020, your course schedule will be created by a member of the Department of Academic Advising. Once your schedule is created, you will receive an email with details from this advisor. After looking over your course schedule, you can contact the advisor with questions. For more information regarding first-year student schedules, visit the "New Students" page on the Academic Advising website. 

Continuing and Transfer Students: Continuing and transfer students who have already registered for Fall 2020 courses and have questions regarding the delivery of your Fall 2020 courses, please contact the person listed for your major below.