Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for identifying yourself and your disability to receive accommodations?

As soon as possible, call the office to schedule an intake appointment with a Specialist. Before arriving for the appointment, download and complete the Intake form, available online. Bring the completed form and updated documentation to the appointment.

What documentation is required?

A 504 plan and/or an IEP/SOP may not be sufficient documentation. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines for detailed information. Documentation that you provide may be enough for services, but may not be sufficient for requested accommodations for Disability Resource Center services.

Will you be required to be a full-time student in order to receive services?

No. Any student, whether full-time or part-time, matriculated or non-matriculated, are able to utilize services with proper documentation.

What range of accommodations and services can be made for various types of disabilities?

Reasonable accommodations can be arranged once there has been adequate time to evaluate the request and supporting documentation. Some examples of accommodations include extended time on exams, reduced-distraction settings for exams and quizzes, and assistive technology in the classroom and the DRC test-taking facility.

Is there a separate cost for any of these services?

No. Any SCSU student can register to use DRC services free of charge.
Is there adaptive equipment available for students? Yes. Students who require assistive technology or alternate formats to participate in courses will need to work with the DRC and the Center for Adaptive Technology to implement these accommodations prior to the start of the semester. Early planning is essential, as training may take up to a full semester, depending upon the technology needed.

Does the school work closely with other support agencies, like Vocational Rehabilitation agencies?

Yes. The DRC works closely with agencies such as Board of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB), Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), and other state and local organizations.

Is the entire campus accessible?

Only one classroom on campus is inaccessible to persons with mobility limitations. If a course is scheduled in Davis Hall-Room 102, students are urged to inform the DRC as soon as they register to ensure relocating the class to an accessible location.

Are there any student disability support groups on campus that you can join?

Yes. Outreach Unlimited is a student-run club that promotes disability awareness on campus. Meetings are held weekly from 1-2 pm. See DRC staff for the current location of meetings.