Counseling Services offers a variety of mental health services to enrolled SCSU students.

Scope of Practice

All enrolled SCSU students are eligible to receive a free and confidential initial consultation to clarify their treatment goals and develop a plan to address their specific needs. At times, a student's requests or treatment needs extend beyond that which can be reasonably offered at Counseling Services (such as specialized clinical services, court mandated treatment, ongoing or long-term psychotherapy, or more than weekly individual meetings). In such instances, Counseling Services staff will assist students in identifying referrals to off-campus providers or programs that can better provide these services. 


Counseling Services adheres to all professional ethical standards, as well as all appropriate state and federal laws. Once a student has engaged in treatment, Counseling Services is not permitted to disclose any information, including the fact that they have attended counseling, without their informed consent. Records at Counseling Services are kept fully confidential and are not part of a student’s academic or medical record. The primary exception to this rule is if the student is in significant danger of causing harm to themselves or others. Additionally, there are special considerations for students who are 17 years of age or younger.

Current Services