Summer 2020 Return to Campus

This page will no longer be updated. Please visit Reopening 2020 for the latest information.

SCSU has now established procedures for faculty access to campus during the summer of 2020.

Individuals who need access to laboratories, studios or comparable facilities where equipment and supplies are located that support their research and scholarship, or who need to prepare their space for the fall semester will follow a four (4) step process to:

  • Document appropriate safety training, 
  • Submit a Lab/Studio safety plan for Dean’s approval 
  • Request approval for a campus visit, and
  • Report their status after the visit.  

Faculty and Staff who need brief, one time access to their offices/labs/studios can submit requests via Step 3 below.

This plan will be in place starting June 29, 2020 through August 23, 2020, after which date, the Fall semester guidelines take effect. View the plan document here.

All Southern campus community members returning to campus for the purposes of research or creative activity are required to review the “Returning to Research” Training Course. This course was developed by the University of Connecticut and has been adopted with their permission. Please note that this training will be used in combination with SCSU specific policies and procedures. 

After viewing the UCONN course,  individuals must return back to this page and complete the form below to verify that they have reviewed and understood the content of the course.

Access the training materials here.

Sign the form confirming course completion.

Faculty will use the Research Lab Ramp-up Guide to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan specific to their area/work.  The Safety Plan will be submitted electronically for Dean approval.   The approval of the COVID-19 Safety Plan is required before individuals are allowed to return to their research/creative activity spaces on campus.  

Faculty and staff undertaking field work research are required to submit a protocol (per procedure outlined above) in advance for approval by the relevant Dean.  Resuming field research will be part of the phased ramp up process and consistent with the requirements of the location of the field site, state and federal guidance, and any travel restrictions.  

Labs, research programs, studios, or research areas must have the appropriate PPE and cleaning supplies onsite before resuming activities. Faculty must contact Lisa Korfelt (SCSU Department of EHS) to secure PPE and cleaning supplies.

COVID-19 Safety Plan Template

COVID-19 Safety Plan Submission

Faculty can request to visit campus by submitting the SCSU Request to Visit Campus

Documented approval from the Dean and University Police is required for all visits to campus needed to reopen on-campus laboratories, studios, or to resume research/creative activities. Requests to visit campus should be submitted electronically the week before the requested dates to allow adequate time for Deans’ review and University Police to schedule the visit.

Use of laboratories or studios will be permissible for 3-4-hour blocks of time up to twice a week.  This will allow for rotation of people through individual buildings and minimize the total numbers in a given building at any given time.  Blocks available will be 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m, scheduled on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  

Specific requests may be made for alternate hours or weekend activities, only with strong justification. Priority will be given to faculty who are preparing their lab/studio for the fall semester or conducting research/creative activities.  Final scheduling of any campus visit is at the discretion of the University Police.   

One time visits to campus can be requested and will be approved by the Dean, then scheduled by the University Police. For these types of brief, single visit requests, safety training and lab/studio safety plans are waived unless required by the Dean.

All personnel approved for a campus visit must provide a cell phone contact number on the electronic form and must call SCSU University Police dispatch upon arrival and upon departure (203-392-5375) so they can monitor, in the name of campus safety and security, who is on campus.  

While on campus, persons must wear a face covering and maintain full social distancing.  This is absolutely required once a person enters a building.  If the person is working alone in a safe, enclosed environment, they may, at their discretion remove their face covering.

The electronic form SCSU Campus Visit Report collects data about the actual visit to campus, including the date, time in, time out and any notable events that should be reported to the University Police.  Faculty are required to include the names and contact information for any student who participated in an approved campus visit.  Reference information on COVID-19 symptoms to report or watch for after the visit are included on the form.

For everyone’s health and safety, a new Campus Visit Report is required after every campus visit.