Digital Measures' Activity Insight

Digital Measures' Activity Insight (DMAI) for faculty is an on-line information management system for organizing and reporting out on the teaching, research, and service activities of faculty. This database system is easy to use, and accessible at any time, day or night, as long as there is an Internet connection available.

There are two ways to access DMAI. First, you can log in by simply typing www. A log in screen will then appear. Here you would enter in your MYSCSU username and password in the directed boxes. A second way to access the system is to go to the SCSU Main Website, select the 'Faculty/Staff tab', scroll down to 'Online Tools,' and then select the text that reads "Digital Measures' Activity Insight/FAAR." You would then enter in your MYSCSU username and password in the directed boxes.

To get information out of the database, you would select either the 'Rapid Reports' or 'Run Reports' tabs located in the side navigation bar on the Manage Activities main page. A typical faculty member can generate the following reports in Activity Insight: The Faculty Annual Activity Report(FAAR), CV's, and reports for renewal, promotion and tenure (i.e., Candidate Information Form). Those who require additional reports (e.g., Deans, Dept. Chairs, Provost, Accreditation Committee Members) will be given the necessary clearance to generate administrative type reports and to review specific faculty information.

Listed below are some helpful guides and links to better familiarize yourself with DMAI, and to find the answers to some common questions. For on-going technical assistance, support, and training, please contact Maureen Gilbride-Redman, MPA, MS, Research Associate at or 27054.

Guides and Links

Activity Insight Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
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