Digital Measures - BibTex

Importing Publication Citation Information into Digital Measures' Activity Insight

Faculty can now move citations between two software applications using BibTex. You simply export your citations from a wide variety of reference managers (e.g., EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero) and publication databases (e.g., Google Search, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science) into a BibTex file and then import that file into Activity Insight.

What is BibTex? It is the most broadly supported standardized way to structure publication citations in a file. This makes it easy to move citations between two software applications.

How does it work? To use this new feature, access Digital Measures' Activity Insight, navigate to the "Publications/Books" screen, and then select the new "Import Items" button. From there, the system will walk you through uploading your publication citations from a BibTex file. A link to details about creating a BibTex file from common systems such as those listed above is also on the page.


Questions? Please contact Maureen Gilbride-Redman at or 27054.