To Students from Student Affairs VP Tracy Tyree

April 16, 2020

Dear Southern Student,

It is time to check in again.  If you are like me, the novelty of social distancing has long worn off.  We are about halfway through this remote learning experience and the end of the semester is in sight.  With fewer than four weeks left of classes before final exam week, we want to be sure we are doing everything possible to help you finish strong.  We stand ready to help if you let us know what you need.

Have you registered (or prepared to register if your time has not yet arrived)?  If you are still not sure what to take or are feeling a little lost, reach out to your academic advisor or connect with the Academic Advising Center.

Do you have a financial hold on your account?  Maybe we can help.  Contact the Offices of Financial Literacy and Advising or Financial Aid to see if there are resources available to you.

Would you like your performance in a class to be stronger?  With more than 100 tutors, coaches and PALS, the Academic Success Center is just a click away.

Lost your job?  Struggling to have enough to eat?  To pay the rent?  With the generosity of many faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University, there are funds that can help.  Email the and let them know.

Can’t access your classes?  Do you have a technology problem that is challenging you?  Visit our COVID-19 Student Support page or send an email to the IT Help Desk at

Are you sick?  Reach out to one of our medical providers in Student Health Services.

The coronavirus has added a layer of stress and anxiety for all of us.  It is okay to ask for help!  Counseling Services is offering therapy, workshops and groups remotely.

If all of this feels complicated, just send me an email at and I will get you connected to the right resource.  

Please take care of yourself!  Your well-being is most important to your overall success!


Tracy M. Tyree, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs