SCSU Campus Climate Surveys - Results Now Available

Dear Colleagues and Students,

In fall 2017, I asked the President’s Commission on Social Justice to administer a campus-wide climate survey to identify and describe faculty, staff, and student perceptions and experiences about diversity and the overall atmosphere of inclusivity, acceptance, and appreciation at Southern. The results are in and the President’s Commission has produced two reports that present the data:  one reflecting responses from faculty and staff, the other from students. This data provides a guide for us to take tangible next steps on the path to becoming a campus community fully committed to equity and inclusion.  It is critical that these survey reports do not sit on a shelf; they must inform our work.

The survey reports are available, along with a Campus Climate Survey Activities and Recommendation form where you can input how the results have led to actions that are deepening your commitment to diversity and helping to build a positive campus climate. 

I thank the members of the Campus Climate Leadership Team and all those who helped to produce these surveys and analyze the results. Let us use their efforts as a collective springboard to put this data to the best possible use and create a campus environment that is safe, open and welcoming to all members of our community.  


Joe Bertolino