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July 12, 2020

Faculty & Staff,

Bringing your computer back on campus?

If you brought an SCSU desktop or laptop computer home during this pandemic, please contact the IT Help Desk (email us at or call us at 203-392-5123) to perform a computer health and security check prior bringing the computer back on campus.  

As part of the check, an IT staff member will do a quick assessment to make sure your computer is fully patched and secured.   If any security concerns are found, we will work with you to fully secure your computer.  If we are unable to remotely apply the necessary updates, an on-campus appointment will be scheduled with you to safely perform those upgrades prior to being on our campus network.

Do you need computers and phones moved around in your office area for appropriate social distancing?

To efficiently plan for your department to come back onsite, please try to designate one person to coordinate the move with IT.  For computer moves, contact the IT Help Desk (email or call 203-392-5123). Please keep in mind the new location will need to have adequate power and network ports.

We will need:

  • The computer barcode
  • List of attached peripherals (monitors, printers, keyboard, etc.)
  • Name of the person it is assigned to
  • Current location of the computer (building and room)
  • New location for the computer (building and room)

To have a phone moved, please submit a Telecom Service Request (TSR) for each phone:  

We appreciate your patience as we work as quickly as possible to complete your requests.


SCSU IT Department