From the Provost, re. Faculty and Staff on campus

Dear Faculty and Staff,


As we continue to wrestle with the many details of teleworking, you are reminded that if you must visit campus to retrieve materials or equipment, you will need to receive permission. Faculty should notify their Dean and staff should contact their Director or Vice President, unless otherwise advised.

Once you receive approval, you must call University Police (phone 203 392-5375) and alert them to the date/time you'll be on campus and the space that you'll be visiting (building and room number).  The police will provide you with building access.

Campus visits will only be allowed for appropriate needs and limited to very few individuals in any one space at a time.  As the campus population will be quite sparse for the next several weeks, this is a security issue.

To that end, we ask that you also call University Police to let them know when you are leaving campus, so that they can check that doors are secure and help account for who is in the building.  This will ensure that only individuals who belong on campus will be here and help ourpolice maintain our collective safety.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this important matter.

Bob Prezant