Observance of Religious Days

DATE:              September 4, 2019
TO:                  SCSU Campus Community
FROM:             Robert Prezant, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
                         Tracy Tyree, Vice President for Student Affairs
SUBJECT:         Accommodations for Observance of Religious Holy Days

This memo is to bring to your attention the existence of a state statute that pertains to the absence of students due to religious beliefs (Section 10a-50 of the General Statutes of Connecticut). The provision states clearly that students who are unable to attend their classes, participate in any examination, study or work requirements, “because the tenets of {their} religion forbid secular activity on a particular day or days or at a particular time of day” shall be excused and shall not suffer any adverse or prejudicial effects of that absence. In addition, the statutes state that it is the responsibility of the faculty and the administration to provide such students with an equivalent opportunity to make up any missed examination, work or study assignments.

Southern Connecticut State University’s Mission Statement clearly indicates that the University values and maintains an educational and work environment in which individuals from all cultures are celebrated and respected for the unique talents, insights, and perspectives they contribute to the world. During days of observance, students should not be required to complete assignments or take any exams/quizzes.

Faculty and staff with religious obligations should refer to the Employee Handbook or the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement to determine the accommodations provided for them for religious observances. Faculty and staff questions should be addressed to the Office of Human Resources.

Please take into consideration that, although we are not listing the dates of religious holidays celebrated by the various faiths, we know that you will be sensitive and understanding during these important holidays.