Fall Course Delivery Format Change

July 6, 2020

Dear Continuing SCSU Students,

SCSU faculty and staff are looking forward to being back on campus for the start of the Fall 2020 semester on August 26th.  In response to the impact of COVID-19 and the need to provide adequate social distancing in classrooms, faculty have adjusted the course delivery formats for many Fall 2020 courses. For class sessions held on campus, students and instructors will be required to wear face masks and use recommended social distancing practices. Further, instructors for any course with any on-campus presence will have plans in place to shift the course to an on-line delivery format, if needed, in respond to the on-going public health crisis. All on-campus class sessions will end at Thanksgiving break, with the remainder of the semester and final exams held online for all courses.

PLEASE READ BELOW and click here for important information about your FALL 2020 COURSE SCHEDULE:

Your Fall 2020 course registration has not changed, but the way your course instruction will be taught may have changed. There have been no changes made to your scheduled days/times of your courses, though some courses will now be held online, either remotely at the same scheduled day/time (ONLINE SYNCHRONOUS) or online without a scheduled meeting time (ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS). Many courses will offer a combination of on-campus and online instructional delivery formats, called HYBRID. Some courses have a HYFLEX option, which provides the option of attending on-campus courses remotely. Instructors will be providing specific instructions related to course delivery formats and on-campus attendance expectations in the first week of the semester.  See the Fall 2020 Course Delivery Webpage for more information about the different course delivery formats.

View changes to your Fall 2020 course delivery formats via your Detailed Course Schedule via BannerWeb. You will see courses listed as HYBRID, ONLINE SYNCHRONOUS, or ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS. Some will show the HYFLEX option. If the course has none of these listed, it will meet on-campus. Your course instructor will provide you with clear direction regarding the mode of course delivery as the semester begins.  As always, you will be able to adjust your Fall 2020 schedule via the add/drop courses in Banner Web until the end of the first week of classes. See the Fall 2020 Course Delivery Webpage for how-to videos that will walk you through reading your detailed course schedule and for information about who to contact with questions related to course delivery formats and your Fall 2020 schedule. 

Links to more information:

FALL 2020 Course Delivery Formats and Understanding your Fall 2020 course schedule:

See the Fall 2020 Course Delivery Webpage for information and how-to video about the Fall 2020 course schedule and who to contact if you have more questions.