Faculty Senate Statement on Anti-AAPI Violence, Racism, and Hate Crimes

April 7, 2021

Institutions of higher education exist to seek truth and promote understanding based on knowledge. Given the commitment of Southern Connecticut State University to social justice and human rights, the SCSU Faculty Senate expresses its outrage at incidents of discrimination, harassment and violence against Asian, Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI) peoples in this nation and the senseless murders of eight victims on 3-16-21 in Atlanta.

We condemn in the strongest terms demeaning and dehumanizing hate speech and acts of emotional and physical violence towards any individual or group based on national origin or culture, whether on our campus or anywhere in society.

Further, the Faculty Senate affirms its unconditional support for and solidarity with our AAPI colleagues and students. In alignment with SCSU's "Policy Statement on Pluralism,” the Faculty Senate denounces discrimination, hate speech, and other forms of violence against all members of our community and seeks to nurture a culture on our campus that advances human rights and social justice for everyone.

We will continue to foster an ongoing dialogue at our University that promotes the common sense of humanity that we all value so dearly.

Approved unanimously by SCSU Faculty Senate, March 31st, 2021

Deborah Weiss, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Professor, Department of Communication Disorders
President, SCSU Faculty Senate
Co-Director, Judaic Studies