To Faculty and Staff from Student Affairs VP Tracy Tyree

April 16, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

A huge “thank you” to many of you who have sent alerts or notices to let us know about students who have not connected or engaged in our remote learning experience.  We have reached out to all of them and have helped many get back on track.  Now, as we are about halfway through this experience (with fewer than four weeks until final exams), we reach out to you again.  We remain very concerned about students who are struggling in a variety of ways in these difficult times..

We recognize that you have different levels of interaction with students to be able to assess their engagement and well-being.  If you have any concern about a student, I would ask that you first reach out to them to make a personal connection.  Check in on them.  Ask how you can help.  They are more likely to respond to someone who is familiar to them.

If you are not able to connect or if you connect and identify additional resources that would support the student, please reach out.  I would like to remind you of our new alert system available at your fingertips.

Log in to Navigate — available through your Apps or click here.
Look up the student.
In the right hand Staff Alerts box, click on Issue an Alert.
Choose the department you think can best help the student.
Academic Success Center
Academic Advising Center
Career and Professional Development
Counseling Services
Dean of Students Office
Disability Resource Center
Financial Literacy and Advising

Don’t worry if you pick the wrong one.  If you offer a brief description in the Comment Box, the staff from the office you choose will get the student connected to the right resource.  And, if you are truly uncertain, chose the Dean of Students Office.

While we would really like you to get familiar with this amazing feature in Navigate, I don’t want that to be a barrier for you to report your concerns.  If you have never used Navigate and it feels too hard right now, just send an email to and someone will reach out to the student.

Please help us help our students.  If you have not been able to engage them or otherwise know they need additional support, please reach out.  Thank you for all you are doing to enhance our students’ ability to successful complete this semester.

Most sincerely,
Tracy Tyree