From the Executive Vice President, re. Off-Campus Equipment Loans

March 13, 2020

Due to the current developing situation regarding COVID-19, many SCSU faculty and staff have been asked to work remotely. Please be advised that if you are currently utilizing state equipment outside of the office, or if you will be taking state equipment out of the office, the attached CSCU 1079 Equipment on Loan form must be completed and submitted to the Property Control Office.

If an e-signature is needed to be completed, please do so and forward a signed digital pdf copy to your supervisor and cc Wes Meeker, Assistant Property Control Coordinator. Supervisors should also be prepared to e-sign this document when a pen and paper signature is unavailable and forward the final version with both signatures to Wes Meeker ( and Missy Tuschhoff (

The maximum duration of loaned equipment is 1 year, so if you are faculty or staff that has already completed this form prior to the start of telework, you may already have a property pass issued to you. If you are unsure of the reminder of time left on the property pass issued to you for the loaned equipment in question, please contact Wes Meeker or Missy Tuschhoff and indicate the barcode number and serial number of the equipment in question.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of this form or policy regarding the removal of state property from campus, please contact Assistant Property Control Coordinator, Wes Meeker via the email provided or at (203) 392-5167 (office) or (203) 868-6443 SCSU (cell).

Thank You,

Mark Rozewski
Executive Vice President