Counseling Services During Online Learning

Dear Southern Students,

As a result of Southern’s strong preventative response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and deep commitment to supporting students while ensuring the health and safety of our community, counseling services will be provided exclusively through phone and telehealth platforms. Please see our website for more information on our services, including free and confidential online screenings, resources related to mental health emergencies, and support finding referrals to local providers.

If you are currently engaged in counseling with us, please expect to receive an email inviting you to continue services remotely.  If you are new to counseling with us, please know that we are here for you, and invite you to learn more or make an appointment by calling 203-392-5475.

In addition to individual counseling, we will be providing a series of workshops and groups designed to help students feel a greater sense of connection, improved coping, and enhanced health and wellbeing. Please see our website for an updated listing of services and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see our latest programs, events, and opportunities.

Please know that it is natural to experience a certain degree of stress and anxiety during this unprecedented time.  We are all navigating uncharted territory and you are not alone!  You have an amazing community of students, faculty, and staff here at Southern to help you.  We are all committed to ensuring that you have the support and resources needed to be successful and healthy.

Please see links to further resources below:

Dr. Nick Pinkerton
Director, Counseling Services