Account Changes for Students Effective Oct. 10

Please note the following announcement has been sent to all students:

Colleges and universities around the country continue to be the targets of frequent security attacks and phishing attempts to hijack accounts and access secure data. In an effort to protect our entire organization, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be enabled on all student accounts starting October 10, 2019.

MFA requires you to present two pieces of evidence to prove that it’s actually you who is logging into the account. The first piece will be your university password and the second piece will be a text message, phone call, or mobile app containing a code or prompt to allow the login. Once you successfully login, simply select for your device to be “trusted” and you will have 60 days until you are asked for MFA again using that same phone or computer.

  • You will never be prompted for MFA while you are connected to the wired or eduroam wireless networks on-campus.  Comcast internet in residence halls will require MFA.
  • It is possible that the native mail app on your device may not support MFA. The Microsoft Outlook mobile app is recommended for checking your email on Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • The Microsoft Authenticator mobile app for Apple iOS or Android can be used if you do not wish to be called or texted your login code.

Please read our IT Help Desk article for more information about MFA and how this change will impact you.


SCSU IT Department