Academic Support for Students From a Distance

Hello Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

The Academic Success Center Team would like to share information regarding academic support for students on campus for the rest of the semester. 

We have worked diligently to get all tutoring, PALS, and Academic Success Coaching virtual.  Below are the basic details that we would like you all to know and to pass along to your students. We will also be sending them a separate message.

During this time the Academic Success Center will maintain the same hours and offerings online as we did within the physical location. Traditional hours are Sunday 4:30-8:00pm; Monday – Wednesday 8:00am-9:00pm; Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm; and Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. For example, if chemistry tutoring has been offered on Tuesday from 4-6 and Wednesday from 12-3, those will be the same times the tutor would be available providing online support.

For Tutoring and Academic Success Coaching – all appointments will continue to be made through SSC Navigate. The appointment confirmation a student receives will provide instructions regarding how to access to their appointment virtually.

All Math services will be converted to one/one appointments and can be made on SSC Navigate. There will be no drop in services during this time.

For PALS – Students will need to sign-up for a session through SSC Navigate. This will continue to be group specific and multiple students (with no limit) can sign up for a session.  It is important that students sign up for a session so the PAL knows who to invite through TEAMS. Previously students did not have to sign up so this is an important change to communicate to students.

Students who need support for courses for which we do not currently offer support will need to email the main Academic Success Center email  We will work to find them the help that we can.

We will have a live chat feature on our website available for questions.

Students will also receive an email with details and specific instructions on how to make appointments and sign-up for PALS sessions.

All of this information will be posted on our website.

The tutoring, PALs, and Academic Success Coaching is set to begin Monday March 23rd.

The Academic Success Center only operates because of the students that work within it and therefore, we would like to take a second to acknowledge all the students who are employed in the Academic Success Center and who are working hard to virtually support their peers.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, feel you will need additional academic support for your course, or would like to know the hours we offer for your course.  Best wishes to each of you as we move to this online learning environment.

Thank you,

Katie De Oliveira MPC, Ed.D.
Director of the Academic Success Center