Special Populations

Transfer Students

Navigating a new institution can be fun and exciting but may also present challenges. Southern has a number of resources available for transfer students. 

Click here for Transfer Student Services

Click here for New Student and Sophomore Programs

Non-Matriculated Students

Non-matriculated students are students who are not pursuing a degree at the University but are taking classes (Visiting students, high school students, etc). They are advised through the Department of Academic Advising. Students who have never taken courses at Southern and have not applied to the university must fill out the Web Registration for Visiting Students form in order to register for part-time courses. Contact us at 203-392-5487 to schedule an appointment.

Senior Citizens

Per Connecticut General Statutes 10a-99-d-3, tuition is waived for any resident of Connecticut sixty-two years of age or older who has been accepted for admission to such institution, provided (A) such person is enrolled in a degree-granting program, or (B) at the end of the regular registration period, there are enrolled in the course a sufficient number of students other than those persons eligible for waivers pursuant to this subdivision to offer the course in which such person intends to enroll and there is space available in such course after accommodating all such students.

Senior Citizens who have never taken a course at Southern and have not applied to the University must fill out the Non-degree and Visiting Students Form to obtain a student ID number and in order to register for courses.  Senior Citizens must also complete a Senior Citizen Waiver Request at the Student Accounts Office in the Wintergreen Building.  Upon receipt of a student ID number and completion of the Waiver Request, senior citizens may register for courses. 

Senior Citizens can begin registering when non-matriculated undergraduate registration begins. You can view this registration date here.