Peer-Led Study Group

Peer-Led Study Groups help you stay on track in challenging courses. The Academic Success Center will offer this type of academic enhancement in four courses this semester: PHY 400, MAT 372, ACC 311, and NUR 353

How does it work?

Any student enrolled in these courses can attend a study group. Sessions will be held weekly at regularly scheduled times in the Academic Success Center. No appointment is needed! These are held in a drop-in setting. Groups will be facilitated by a student who has taken and done well in the course. During the one-hour meetings, students will talk through key concepts from the course, ask questions on points of confusion, help answer one another’s questions, and work through practice problems or exercises together. The study groups are highly collaborative, comfortable environments where students can learn from one another and help one another find success. 

Why should you attend?

Higher-level courses offer rigorous, challenging material. Having a set time to focus on the course material each week can help you stay on track. Students who attend these study groups can benefit from being part of a small, friendly learning community that offers a different type of academic support than SI/PALS and tutoring. Research points to many benefits of this type of peer-based learning, i.e. enhanced course experience, deeper learning, and improved grade outcomes.