Academic Placement for Transfer Students

The following information applies to both full-time and part-time transfer students.


If you have transferred in credits for ENG 110 or 112 you do not need a placement for English composition. If you did not transfer in either of listed English composition, your English placement will be assessed by the Academic Advisement Center based on the following guidelines:

  1. If you transferred in two semesters or more of college credits, but have not transferred in an English composition equivalent and have an overall college GPA of a 2.5 or lower, you will be placed in ENG 110.
  2. If you transferred in two semesters or more of college credits and have transferred in an ENG Transfer Elective and have an overall college GPA of a 2.5 or better, you will be placed into ENG 112.


If you have transferred in credits for MAT courses in the chart below, you do not need to take the math placement exam. Your course eligibility is determined as indicated:

You have transfer credit for

Your transfer makes you eligible to take(1)

MAT 095

MAT 100 or 100P.

MAT 100

MAT 103, 105, 107, 108, or 112.

MAT 108

As above plus MAT 260.

MAT 112

As above plus MAT 120, 122, 124, or 125.

MAT 124 or 125

As above plus MAT 139.

MAT 120 or 139(2)

As above plus MAT 221.

MAT 122

As above plus MAT 150.

MAT 150

As above plus MAT 151, 178 (as long as the CSC/DSC requirement is also met), 300, or 372.

MAT 151

As above plus MAT 245, 250, 252, or 322 (as long as the CSC/DSC requirement is also met).

MAT 178

MAT 103, 105, 107, 108, 112, 120, 122, 124, 125, 139, 178, 221, 260, or 300.

MAT 221

MAT 103, 105, 107, 108, 112, 120, 122, 124, 125, 139, 221, or 260.

(1) Your chosen major may require a certain class from your list of eligible courses. Please consult an advisor if you are unsure which one is right for you.

(2) MAT 139 transfer credit also qualifies you for MAT 300 and MAT 178 (as long as the CSC/DSC requirement is also met).


If you have taken math classes at another college or university but they have not transferred as above, it may still be possible to use those courses for math placement. Contact the math department chair at for information on how to do this.

You will need to take the Placement A math placement exam if:

  • You have not taken any college or university level mathematics courses and have not earned college credit through equivalency testing such as AP, IB, CLEP, or DSST, you will need to take the math placement exam.
  • You have MAT transfer credit only for MAT 103, MAT 105, or MAT 107 (these classes do not determine a math placement level).


Register for Mathematics Placement


Note: high school grades and scores on standardized college entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT may not be used for placement by transfer students.

World Language

Southern has a Multilingual Communication requirement that may be fulfilled by completing a language course or by new world language policies effective for transfer students admitted in Fall 2017.  Current transfer students wishing to utilize the new policy must change their catalog term to Fall 2017 and will be required to meet any requirement changes under the new catalog term.

Transfer Students with 60 or more transfer credits at time of transfer are waived from the Multilingual Communication requirement.

Transfer students with 30-59 transfer credit at time of transfer may waive the Multilingual Communication requirement with completion of Level 3 high school or Level 2 college world language. 

All native speakers and heritage learners of languages other than English who are either current students or transfer students with less than 59 transfer credits and have not taken a world language in high school or college are encouraged to waive the requirement by taking a waiver examination (STAMP Test, ACTFL exam or CLEP test) or by presenting a transcript from a foreign high school to the Chair of the World Languages and Literatures Department. 

If you wish to take a World Language and would like to assess what level to begin with you may take an online placement.  You will have 90-minutes to complete the placement with only one opportunity to take it. You may not stop and come back to it; you must complete it in one sitting. All devices (computers, smartphones, and handhelds) and browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) are compatible with the placement. However, while you can use smartphones and handhelds, it is highly recommended that you use a computer.

When you’re ready to take the placement make sure you have your Southern email address (i.e. and student ID number (8 digit number that begins with a 7) in front of you before beginning it. Simply click on the language you wish to take and begin.

Below are world language placement options that begin as soon as you click on the link, so please do not click a link until you are ready to begin.