Academic Placement for Freshmen

All first year students (full-time and part-time) have been academically placed into English composition and mathematics based on SAT scores. You have an opportunity to challenge your math placement if you feel your SAT scores do not accurately reflect your writing and math skills. All first year students who took a World Language in high school must take an online placement.

View Placement Scores

You may check your placement by following the instructions.

  1. Login into BannerWeb.
  2. Enter user ID (student ID number) and your PIN.
  3. Click on Student Services.
  4. Click on View Placement Test Scores.
  5. Scores will be listed for each exam.


You will be placed into English composition based on your SAT reading score/ACT score unless you have AP credit or plan to transfer in college credit taken during high school (i.e. ENG 110, 111, or 112). 

SAT Reading Score/ACT/AP Score * = Placement Code First Semester Second Semester

SAT 24 or lower/ ACT 17 or below = EPL 1

ENG 110 ENG 112
SAT 25-30/ ACT 18-24 = EPL 2 None ENG 112
SAT 31 or above/ ACT 25 or better / AP Score 4 = EPL 3 ENG 112  
AP Score 5

credit earned for ENG 112

  • Your highest score will be applied.


Incoming freshmen are given an initial placement determined by their math score on the SAT or ACT, or by their grade in AP Statistics or Calculus. All students may opt to take a math placement exam which allows a student to potentially improve their course eligibility depending on exam results. Details about the placement examination can be found on the Mathematics Placement page.

The table below details the placement examination and the courses you are eligible to take based on your SAT, ACT, or AP score:

If your SAT, ACT, or AP score is…

Your optional placement examination is…

You are eligible to take…

SAT 520 or lower
ACT 1-19

Placement A

MAT 100P (3 credits, requires 2 additional math lab hours).

SAT 530-560
ACT 20-22

Placement A

The course above plus MAT 100MAT 103, or MAT 105 (3 credits, chosen major may require specific course from these three classes).

SAT 570 or higher
ACT 23 or higher
B or better in AP Statistics

Placement B

Any course above plus MAT 107MAT 108, or MAT 112 (3 credits, chosen major may require a specific course from this list).

SAT 600 or higher PLUS a grade of B or better in high school Precalculus* or Calculus*

AP Calculus with grade of B or better


Any course above plus MAT 120MAT 122MAT 125MAT 139MAT 150, and MAT 221 (3 or 4 credits, chosen major may require a specific course from the list).

* – must be shown to include trigonometry. Please contact for details on how to do this.

World Language

Proficiency in a language other than English is required to graduate from Southern. The World Language placement is required for all students who have had two or more years of high school world language unless you plan to transfer in AP credit or college credit earned during high school or unless you are fluent in a foreign language. The online placement should be completed prior to attending Orientation.

You will have 90-minutes to complete the placement with only one opportunity to take it. You may not stop and come back to it; you must complete it in one sitting. All devices (computers, smartphones, and handhelds) and browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) are compatible with the placement. However, while you can use smartphones and handhelds, it is highly recommended that you use a computer.

When you’re ready to take the placement make sure you have your Southern email address (i.e. and student ID number (8 digit number that begins with a 7) in front of you before beginning it. Simply click on the language you wish to take and begin.

Click on the link of the language you wish to take for placement and remember it begins as soon as you click on it .